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Website Maintenance Services, Baltimore

Did you know it only takes one outdated plugin, or a technical glitch to break your website, or worse, to become a victim of a cyber-attack?

Our website maintenance services can keep you updated and secure.

A lot goes into website maintenance, and many businesses don’t have the time or the knowledge to keep up with all aspects of managing a website. Cyber criminals bank on the fact that small and mid-sized businesses often lack the expertise, the time, or the budget to regularly maintain their websites, which makes them an easy target. 

As part of our website-as-a-service for businesses in the Baltimore metro area, we take care of all your website maintenance needs, so your site stays operational and secure. We help with registering website domain, providing hosting, fixing technical issues, regularly backing up your website and implementing security updates. 

web domain registration

Domain Management Assistance

You don’t have a website domain and are not sure where to begin? Or do you have a domain that requires management? Either way, we can help.

Simply put, your web domain is your virtual business address where your customers can reach your business online. So, ongoing domain management ensures your website is always accessible and secure.

Our website maintenance services include:

  • Domain registration: We can help you choose the right domain name and register it either with a registrar or with one of our hosting companies. While you may only be using one domain name, registering variations of your domain helps prevent competitors from using them. 
  • Domain name renewal: We can help renew your domain name registration annually to ensure your website stays active. 

WordPress Website Hosting

When it comes to hosting your small business WordPress website, you’ll want a reliable website hosting service that ensures your site remains live and performs well.

Our website maintenance services also include website hosting. We work with leading web hosting providers, such as SiteGround, and WP Engine, that specialize in WordPress website hosting for small to mid-sized businesses in Baltimore. Our web hosting partners focus on enhanced security, speed, and up-time in all their affordable plans, which are critical for any business, but especially for small companies to remain competitive.

website hosting
website update and backup

WordPress Website Backups and Security Updates

Accidents, such as a deleted file, broken theme, or a malfunctioning plugin can happen, which can break your website. Worse, if your site gets hacked, it could have serious financial implications. Hence, as part of our WordPress website management plans, we provide regular website back up to minimize operational downtime, business losses and help you recover quickly.

Security updates serve a similar purpose. With cyber threats continuously increasing, our website maintenance services can regularly update plugins, WordPress, and themes can significantly reduce your vulnerabilities to various cyber incidents, such as malware or un-authorized access to your website. It is also important to note that search engines also prioritize and rank secure websites higher in search results. So, our web maintenance services team will stay on top of security updates for your peace of mind.

Web Design & Management Examples

  • Insurance Broker


Mid-size business with blog and conversion landing pages as well as advanced form, popups, website activity tracking, social media, email marketing and analytics integrations

  • Managed Services Provider
Net Results

Net Results

Small business with conversion landing pages

  • Managed Services Provider


Small business with blog, form, conversion landing pages


Stay competitive with an updated, secure website.

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